Is the hospital or the surgeon most important when choosing where to have your Cosmetic Surgery procedure?

The surgeon.  If a Plastic Surgeon isn’t happy with a hospital he wouldn’t practice there because ultimately it is his responsibility.  He’ll ensure the facilities and the aftercare are up to the mark.  Even in a good hospital, there can be a variation in the quality of outcomes, whereas a good Plastic Surgeon will only practice in a reputable centre.

How should patients choose their Surgeon?

You cannot beat face to face contact.  It is the only way to establish trust.  So you can understand what the surgeon’s expectations of your treatment are, and so the surgeon can understand what expectations you have from the treatment.  Then you can find some middle ground.

Is price an important factor?

It is natural for price to factor in your decision making, but saving a few hundred pounds and then ending up with problems is false economy.

What about aftercare, does that need to be considered?

Aftercare is the most important factor to consider.  A good Plastic Surgeon will want to ensure a smooth recovery.  They will need to monitor you for scars after surgery, to ensure the best healing.  You need them to be on hand if there are complications.
If your Cosmetic Surgeon is not able to give you aftercare then it is no better than an assembly line.

What’s the most important advice you can give someone considering cosmetic surgery?

Make sure you have researched the procedure well – that you understand the procedure you are having. 
Make sure you have enough time to recover – you don’t want to have to rush back to work or have surgery in the middle of a stressful time. 
And keep in touch with your surgeon.

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