Where did you train to become a Plastic Surgeon?

I began my medical and general surgery training in India.  I spent some time in surgical oncology dealing with complex cancers.  It was there that I first began doing reconstruction work on faces following cancer.

Where are you based now?

I came to the UK to practice in 1993 and following work at a number of London hospitals and other hospitals in the UK, I am now based in East Grinstead, at the McIndoe Surgical Centre.

Why did you decide to specialise in Plastic Surgery?

When I was training I had to reconstruct people’s faces and jaws.  This kind of reconstruction work requires a great deal of creativity.  It’s a creative speciality to ensure a natural look that the patient is happy with.  It requires a lot of attention to detail because the final result is always visible.  That attracted me to the profession.

What do you enjoy most about your job now?

I love that no two days are the same.  I could be operating on any area of the body – from the foot to the head.  And no two operations are the same – variations are always required to adapt the procedure to each patient’s particular anatomy.

What advice do you have for anyone contemplating plastic surgery?

Do your research.  There is lots of information on the internet – some good and some bad.  I wouldn’t put much store by before and after photos because they are only going to put on the good ones.  And not all procedures will be applicable to your own circumstances.
The most important thing is to establish a rapport with your Plastic Surgeon.

Is there anything people shouldn’t do?

Don’t go abroad!  It is so important that your Plastic Surgeon is local to you.  If you have a problem you need your surgeon near you.  One thing I find a lot from people who have gone abroad for Cosmetic Surgery is that they often experience a panic the day after surgery.  They find themselves on the ward with non-English speaking staff who can’t understand them as well as the Cosmetic Surgeon they spoke to initially.  Good aftercare is important for a good recovery.  It’s at this panic point that patients will return home.  Then, if there are complications, they can’t seek help from their surgeon because he is in a different country.

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Asit Khandwala - Cosmetic Surgeon

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