"It was during this reconstructive surgery that I first became interested in Plastic Surgery.  To reconstruct people’s faces requires great skill, creativity and attention to detail.  This makes it a very rewarding and challenging job for a surgeon.  The final result is always visible – particularly with facial reconstruction – so great attention to detail is required."

Asit is now based in East Grinstead and undertakes a wide range of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery. 

"I do a lot of reconstructive surgery and also hand surgery.  However, I also do a lot of Cosmetic Surgery.  This can be body contouring – breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction – or brow lifts, facelifts… I enjoy the variety.  No two days are the same."

Asit stresses the importance of doing research before embarking on any kind of Cosmetic procedure:

"It’s vital to understand the procedure.  Research the procedure and your surgeon.  There is a lot of information available on the internet that can help with research.  But I do encourage people to use information they find on the internet cautiously.  Nothing can really compare to meeting the surgeon face to face.  This is the only way to establish rapport and understanding, which is vital prior to surgery."

"It is important to understand the expectations your Cosmetic Surgeon has for your surgery.  Your Cosmetic Surgeon also needs to understand your expectations for the surgery.  After discussions, you will hopefully find some middle ground.  However, this isn’t always the case:"

"A reputable surgeon will turn away a surprisingly high number of patients.  This may be because the patient is requesting an inappropriate procedure – the procedure won’t address the problem they are describing.  Or it may be because the patient has unrealistic expectations.  As Plastic Surgeons, we are there to give the patient the best possible outcome.  The results really ought to exceed the patient’s expectations.  If we can’t do this, then we may need to turn a patient away. We also have to give advice about what’s in their best interest, long term – to ensure that there are the least possible problems for five – ten – fifteen years."

It is for this reason that Asit says that establishing rapport is vital.  Another vital ingredient for a successful outcome is aftercare, he says:

"It is important to allow enough time for recovery.  And not to embark on Cosmetic Surgery during a stressful time in your life, such as during a divorce, for instance.  A stress-free recovery period and ongoing contact with your Surgeon will help ensure the best results long-term."

His top tip?

"Talk with your Plastic Surgeon.  Talk to patients who have already had surgery with that Plastic Surgeon.  Ask him to put you in touch with a couple of his patient who have already had the same cosmetic procedure that you are having.  This will enable you to discuss your concerns with genuine patients – it will give you a good insight into that Plastic Surgeon, the quality of care and help with your preparation."

Should you have any question regarding surgeries please contact Mr Khandwala.

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